If you would like your children to focus better at school so their grades can improve, or you would like them to benefit from a self-defense program. This would help them obtain the required skills necessary to safeguard themselves from harm, our academy can be of very good use to you.

We have courses that will enable them meet new friends and build on their social interactions as well as self-confidence while ensuring that they have loads of fun in the process. Our school offers a structured curriculum that is formulated around the transformative progress of the individual child. We follow a fun filled approach to handle what could be dangerous scenarios in real life situations.

Whether it is "stranger danger" or bullying at school, our classes are designed to develop your child into utilizing the techniques we have instilled in them to properly respond to these situations. With the use of self-defense techniques which are non-deadly, your child will begin to get back the confidence needed to become a successful and positive individual in the future. Our training programs hone your child's reflex fighting instincts in order to respond to threats at school or at play.

You can enroll your child today by using the contact forms here.

Adult classes

You can learn to stand your ground in any situation you find yourself by enrolling with us for your martial arts training. Whether in a bar, or walking down the street at night, you can have the skills and mental sharpness to deal with unforeseen threats with ease.

Our martial art programs help you take charge of confrontations be it physical or otherwise. Hence you can learn to end crime efficiently and effectively with or without the use of deadly force. Our teaching techniques ensure that everyone can understand and apply our training disciplines regardless of size.

We have adapted our martial art training and courses which were obtained from the martial arts nations like China, Japan, and Korea, and adapted them to fit excellently well into the European and North American cultures and traditions making it easy for you to understand the concepts of these ancient art forms.

Apart from this, our very strict regimen will give you the opportunity to tone down your muscles and improve overall physical health.

If you would like to make an inquiry about the different disciplines we teach and your enrollment, please contact us here.