It is our sincere belief that you enjoy obtaining and practicing the knowledge of the incredible martial discipline that is Jujitsu. This would be because you do not need to have superhero strength or be built like a tank to apply this discipline. Jujitsu is about making the strength of your opponent your own.

It is about applying this strength against his person. Jujitsu has remained the authentic mixed martial art, where a myriad of techniques are deployed from locking to striking and grappling and even the use of weaponry.

It has a history that goes as far back as 2000 years and unlike Judo, Akido, Muay Thai, it tried to avoid the allure of the sporting scene; thereby retaining its purist form as a martial discipline. Jujitsu is the compound term for 'Ju' which means 'soft' or "gentle" and "Jitsu" which means "style" or "art". Thus the full definition of Jujitsu is "Soft Art".

The word "Ju" is also defined as agreeable, and yielding. Therefore, if you study the key elements of this martial art, you will understand that force should never be replied with force. Rather the energy projected by your attacker should be channeled into a counter move, rather than confronting the attacking force.

Jujitsu has transformed over the ages to become what is known as the most efficient type of self-defense that it is presently. Jujitsu has abandoned the medieval battlefields of ancient Asia and is utilized in the civilization of today. With deadly and non-deadly force in use all over our streets and cities, Jujitsu plays an important role in the de-escalation of violence today.

MMA sparring

We aim to give our disciples the opportunity to showcase the skills they have obtained in a practical and safe environment. The classes start with warm up exercises before gradually progressing with some coaching and finally to sparring.

Our spar sessions take many forms including, striking and grappling or a mix of both. We are well equipped with the tools needed to train you in this class but students are advised to purchase their own equipment such as mouth guards, crotch guard, etc for hygienic purposes.

Students will not be allowed to train with others if they do not have the basic training required to make the spar session an even contest. And it is important to let students understand that a spar session is simply a safe contest between two people.