The aim of the club is to enable students to train in the Martial Arts of the Bujinkan Dojo, to encourage their learning and to foster an understanding of self defence and the meaning of the traditional martial arts (Budo)".

The Dojo is a microcosm of life, by training sincerely we learn about ourselves and about others. We try to train in a manner that is enjoyable and will be of benefit in everyday life.

Tai Jutsu is not a sport or fitness class but a genuine Martial Art with an emphasis on practical and realistic self-defence. The Club is a members club; it is not a business or a source of income to anyone. Training is progressive and the atmosphere is more relaxed and friendly than found in many other Martial Arts clubs. For the first hour of the Saturday training session everyone trains together including juniors and it is stressed that for their protection certain techniques are forbidden, for example wrist-locking methods.

It may seem unusual that Junior and Senior members train together but as well as being traditional we feel this encourages the Seniors to be soft in their actions and to emphasise movement and technique, not strength. In addition it encourages teaching and self-analysis while giving the juniors adult guidance and constructive training. The second half of this training session is for seniors only. In this lesson weapons are used along with joint locks and the more advanced applications of the art.

In addition to Sandy's well-grounded practical Tai Jutsu and its self-defence application we have regular visits from visiting instructors David Heald, Keith Porter and Norman Smithers along with other high-ranking teachers of the Bujinkan dojo. Again we feel that having regular visiting instructors gives the Club a very rounded and open approach to this extensive and subtle Art.