Welcome to our martial arts academy. Our martial arts Institute is located at two venues across the city boasting formidable staffing. We conduct martial arts and fitness classes here at Hemel Budo. We offer a vast array of martial arts disciplines including taekwando, jujitsu, judo, kendo, muay thai, amongst many others.


Over the years, we have poured enormous energy in building a solid reputation for innovation and discipline. We are always thinking ahead for new techniques to train our disciples in becoming better martial artists. This plays out in adding new and better equipments and utilizing the use of martial arts software to enable them enhance their abilities.

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Are you looking at emerging the next black belter representing the country in the Olympics, or you just want to shed some unnecessary body fat, our martial arts training center? Hemel Budo is undoubtedly the best place for you to begin your journey.

Our Senseis have a combined experience of 85 years in the world of martial arts. We take immense pride in the achievements that we have represented and won innumerable medals in many parts of the country and beyond. Owing to our decades of experience in the discipline, you can rest assured to receive the most excellent of instruction from our masters.

We are also affiliated with many martial arts institutions at home and abroad and this has enabled us to attend competitions and receive further development from the very best of the benevolent masters in I China, Korea, Thailand, Brazil, and Japan.

We are aware there is more to a martial arts academy than excellent instructors and international competitions – technology! This explains why we run an academy with the best facility and training equipment, maintaining them extremely well and purchasing new equipment when the old ones are spent.

The positivity surrounding our school attracts the best people, both staff and students. This is how we have been missing that is why we have one of the most amazing community today, a community of like-minded optimistic people who want to make their lives better and who are never hesitant to help others in need.

We also try to give out to the community by carrying out project works, including conducting orientation programs to keep the neighborhood safe, and training the weak and vulnerable at extremely discounted costs or sometimes, for free!

Our community is a close-knit family and you are welcome to join us. Do the Karamba way and bring your whole company with. We wish to see more gambling operators joining.

Please feel free to look through our site and let us know when you would like to have a taster or you can register online with us.